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Eye/Cornea Donations

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Volunteering at Nepal Eye Care Trust Eye Hospital encompasses a broad range of activities, including social work with poor and needy patients; assisting staff in the Childhood non-school going and school-going eye screening Program; in public eye health education programs; in counseling of patients with diabetic eye disease; in varied clerical/ administrative capacities.


There are many ways you can contribute, without going too much out of your way; naturally and effortlessly. 

You can:

  • Sponsor Nepal Eye Care advertisements
  • Help Increase Public Awareness of the need for prevention of blindness in children and support the efforts of Nepal Eye Care.
  • Donate to the Patient Sponsorship Scheme
  • Donate your expertise
  • Involve your organization-- Sponsor a Project!
  • Organize small parties/ Workshops to educate people about Nepal Eye Care
  • Distribute Nepal Eye Care flyers at functions
  • Organize stage programs for Nepal Eye Care
  • Ask organizations known to you to spread the word about Nepal Eye Care and its programs
  • Screen a movie, to benefit Nepal Eye Care 
  • Any other help

All contributions to the Patient sponsorship scheme, ADOPT-A-PROJECT scheme, and donations are tax-exempt.